Enrollment Marketing

Finding, engaging, and enrolling the RIGHT students is a core mission for colleges and universities. Unigo provides innovative enrollment solutions, combined with unique access to our thriving high school membership, to support your admissions yield goals
The challenge

Identifying and recruiting the most qualified student prospects requires college admissions, marketing, and financial aid departments to develop a unified and razor-sharp strategy continually focused on expanding reach and increasing conversion. In an ever-changing and increasingly competitive landscape, that’s not easy.

We can help

Unigo Enrollment Marketing aligns departmental and institutional goals with targeted marketing channels. Offering one-to-one (1:1) and one-to-many (1:M) engagement solutions, combined with highly targeted consumer-facing college web properties with a thriving community of over 1.4 million registered users, we help schools and colleges reach their enrollment goals.

The Facts About the College Admissions Challenge

The number of students is plateauing. Competition for them will only increase.

Admissions departments must keep up with rapidly-evolving strategies and technology platforms.

Millennials discover and respond to information in uniquely different ways than previous generations.

Students have more choice — 33% apply to seven or more schools¹ and 16.5% of seniors intend to apply to 11-20 schools².

Students and families are increasingly recognizing that “top school” lists are imperfect tools.

Students and families need a way to find the right match based on the uniqueness of the individual student.

Enrollment Marketing Solutions

Premium School Profile

Colleges can expand their reach to highly-engaged college consumers through their school profile on Unigo.

Digital Marketing

Marketing that enhances visibility and captures the attention of prospective students and their families.

Student Match

Find and enroll prospective students through best-fit lead generation that effectively targets high-intent inquiries.

Student Success Index

A tailored and predictive scoring platform that optimizes student recruitment efforts.

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