Our Mission

We’re in the business of serving education

Because schools and colleges are our primary market and because customers range from nonprofit, for-profit, private, and state schools, we prefer to use B2E™ (Business to Education™) , rather than B2B. B2E recognizes that colleges are in the business of education, and are different from corporations. B2E brings the business of education together with products and services that only Unigo can offer.

Our commitment to providing a measurable Return on Education™ means that everything we do revolves around the reach of, our leading web-based college marketplace. With our thriving community of over 1.4 million future and current college students, we provide innovative tools for schools and colleges to connect with students in the most meaningful and cost-effective ways.


Unigo Group Launches First-Ever B2E™ Platform

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Department of Education’s Shift Away from College Rankings Reinforces Unigo Group’s Approach to Return on Education™

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Our Team

Brad Mcmahon


Portland, Oregon

Pam Belli

SVP, Finance and Operations

Portland, Oregon

Jason Nash

SVP, Technology

Portland, Oregon

Wade Hewitt

VP, Product

Portland, Oregon

Stephanie Choi

Front End Developer

Portland, Oregon

Ben Counter

Director, Enrollment Marketing Solutions

Denver, Colorado

Clayton Coyne

Sales Development Manager

Portland, Oregon

Lori Puehler Grandstaff

Director, Customer Care

Jacksonville, Florida

Michael Beattie

VP, University Business Development

Laguna Beach, California

Jason Taylor

Senior Software Architect

Portland, Oregon

Betsy Murphy

VP, Digital Ad Sales

New York, New York

Dima Raber

Digital Marketing and Communications Manager

Portland, Oregon

Pete D'Angelo

Software Architect

New York, New York

Roody Dennis

Web Operations Manager

Portland, Oregon

Sean Roberts

Quality Assurance Engineer

Portland, Oregon

Leisa Hall

Director, User Acquisition

Portland, Oregon

Ellen Last

Product Manager, B2E SaaS Solutions

New York, New York

Walker Leng

Lead Software Developer

New York, New York

Seth Yount

Senior Front End Developer

Portland, Oregon

Brian Mccullough

Senior Database Architect

Portland, Oregon

John Springer

VP, Enrollment Marketing Services

Palm Beach, Florida